Foreign Words that Inspire Love - Ama

Those who know me know that I'm a bit "off." This is probably not the best introduction if you're new to this website and stumbling on my project. Alas, it's better to know when someone is "off" sooner rather than later.

Anyhow, I only say I'm off because I don't do things that are "normal." Never have; probably never will. I'm a woman who strongly believes in her intuition and wild ways. I believe that the wind can tell us all we need to know about our day and that when we inhale the smell of rain, we are more connected to soul of Mother Earth. I believe in rain dances and spiritual energy. I believe that walking on grass shoeless is something we should all do daily.

All of this leads me to my belief in "coincidences." Or rather, that there are no coincidences. I won't tell you why I don't believe that coincidences are simply accidents. That's a rather long and deeply personal story, but during one of my saddest points in life something made me realize that coincidences are not as strange as we think they are. Coincidences are actually what we are meant to see. We are supposed to have that occurrence so we can move forward or take the necessary actions. Sometimes those coincidences are meant to show us faith.

Which is why, over the past two years, I've started to pay attention to the words that appear on license plates on cars driving along my side. It started with noticing a friend's name on a regular basis. Then that gave way to seeing "Eve," who I believe has a deeper meaning than I'll share now. Recently, I've seen three words - "gas," "gut," and "ama."  Today, we're going to talk about Ama. I've yet to figure out the meanings of the other two words and "Eve" is too deep for right now.

"Ama" is what has me writing again after a long period of not writing. "Ama" brings me back to that story about coincidence that shaped my opinion. Ama is a Japanese word. It is a noun. Ama means: a Japanese diver especially for pearls or food.

One could say that love and hearts are nothing more than pearls or food, right? I know this seems like a stretch, but follow me. Pearls are gorgeous and divers from them are often rewarded by their catches. To find a pearl is to find something precious.

Food, can also be seen as a reward. For many, it seems common. To eat is an every day occurrence and in our culture where food is abundant and cheap, well the bad kind, food doesn't seem quite so magical. Yet, I can assure you that I have been on the end of truly magical and rewarding food. And it is my thought, that people who truly seek out food, who dive for it, they are seeking something as precious as a pearl.

Think about a meal, a good one, surrounded by loved ones. Think about whether you prepared anything for that meal. Or maybe someone you loved prepared that meal for you. Think about how precious that moment and experience was. Think about how you felt about that food. Did you feel love? Did you share love?

When I see the word Ama, I know it's meaning. I understand it. I feel that it is a word I am meant to see and know. I love that it's roots are in Japanese, a language I don't know well, but I love in my soul. I know, after writing this post, that this word is a word for my next journey that will be shared with all of you as it launches.  I know that "ama" inspires me to love. May it inspire you as well.