While Digging

Two years ago, I interned at Etsy. It was a six month gig that ended before I took flight to Japan.  It was an interesting time and place in my life. I had wanted to work at Etsy for so long. I think prior to that position, I applied to five different jobs hoping for an interview. They never happened.

As fate would have it, I met Danielle Maveal, the then-face of the Etsy Seller Community, at a market. She purchased a set of dinner invitations from me and we chatted during the exchange. I remember being awe struck at the time. Danielle to the Etsy seller world was a star.  She was my way into Etsy and she was great. Working with her and her then team was awesome. It taught me a lot.

One day, a few weeks before my internship ended, Danielle resigned. She had a journey to take. One that she's still on. On her last day, she left a note on my desk. I still have it. I also have a photo of it on my phone to remember when things are grim and I'm full of doubt.  It doesn't quite belong in any of the "hearted" image categories, but it does belong as a story, because her message was all about heart...


I'd like to think it kick-started this little project without me even realizing. It was in Japan that I noticed the hearts. It wasn't until after Japan that I realized the heart in my own logo and the circling of it all coming together. It's funny how things work out, isn't it?

As I sat here, almost three years to when I started this incredible journey of mine, looking through endless photos of hearts to update this site, I came across Danielle's note and new I needed to share with you.

I've been receiving photos from friends all over the World lately and it's always nice to know that as I follow my heart, you are following yours and sharing with me and with a world that very much needs our love. 

I'll start sharing more stories outside of my own as I move forward with the project.  You need to hear/read these stories!