Sara Stroman, owner, paper artist and head communicator at S2 Stationery and Design created HeartedS2 after her own experience with divine intervention.

Pull up a chair, friend, this could take a while...

In the fall of 2012, Sara was floating in choppy waters. She quit a comfortable corporate job to intern at a well-known internet company for six months. She wasn't happy. She had known the next step in the journey pretty early on, but after sleeping in a room in her aunt's apartment with bags of stuff everywhere and everything else in storage and with a severely broken heart, she booked two tickets - one to Istanbul, Turkey for eight days and the other, for three months to Tokyo, Japan.  The goal was to study paper-making in a small village in Fukui Prefecture for those three months.

In between the two jobs and a head full of doubt, THE guy she had finally acknowledged that she loved stopped talking to her. (Now, don't get your judgements ready - their story did not end there and it still hasn't ended now - so please reserve.)  This act of silence was sudden and spun Sara's world out of balance. Clearly, this trip could not have occurred with him in the picture, but it was not how she had planned. With a heavy heart, she flew away crying and she cried throughout the first few weeks of the journey. Through the tears though, she met incredible people who encouraged, supported and made her feel at home.

It was through those tears, and countless replays of "Listen to Your Heart" from the Disney Pocahontas soundtrack  that #heartedS2 began taking shape. It started after a few chats full of questions about life at the Paper Goddess shrine in Echizen, Japan and with various statues of Buddha all over the country. It included a few chats with her father's spirit - at moments of extreme sadness and anger - when she'd yell at him asking him why he wasn't helping her forget this guy who clearly couldn't love her and how could he let her feel so much pain when he was supposed to be protecting her.

The answers were always hearts. Hearts on the ground. Hearts on paper. Hearts on clothes. There were moments where the hearts did not seem real. Yet, it was in those moments where she realized the hearts were indeed real and she could feel the love from not just the Universe, but from her deceased father and grandmothers, as well as from all the souls of the people she knows and loves sending her that love back. It required a lot of faith, but always provided.

As Sara traveled, the hearts kept appearing. The trip to Japan ended on January 7, 2013, but the hearts have not stopped appearing. In fact, the hearts show themselves to her friends who share them with Sara. It's quite an amazing exchange and it made her realize that maybe it was time to open the story and share it with the world at large since it desperately needs love.

HeartedS2 is no longer about a heartbroken girl full of doubt. No, HeartedS2 is about the love that is around us constantly, waiting for us to see it, reach for it and spread it. It is about divine intervention.

HeartedS2 is about a journey - one that I hope you'll take with me. Please share your photos by emailing me through the contact page. As we progress, we'd love to be able to have members of the community add their own photos - we'll get there. For now, please feel free to share heart photos from the site with those you love.